Here’s what you can expect during your work day from start to finish.

  1. 1.Always be on time for work! If you’re going be late please contact us immediately. Our contact numbers are always included in your call time information email. Please make sure you have our contact numbers with you at all times.

  1. 2.Once you arrive, report directly to the location you were given and find your contact person immediately.

  1. 3.You will then be signed in and given your time sheet to fill out. Always bring a pen, complete your time sheet immediately and return it to your contact person. Remember to print clearly and write your legal name, full mailing address, including your city and postal code, and your Canadian Social Insurance Number. If you are in Canada on a work permit, you must hand in photo copies of your Social Insurance card and your work permit. Note that time sheets will not be paid if they are illegible, incomplete or do not have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number or valid work permits attached. At the end of your work day you must sign out on your time sheet in order to get paid. Please read PAYROLL INFORMATION for more details.

  1. 4.Extras Holding is the designated area where Extras wait until they are required on set. While in Extras Holding you’ll be processed through the Costume, Hair and Make-Up departments. Never leave Extras Holding as you may be called to set at any moment. Please read DEPARTMENT REQUIREMENTS.

  1. 5.Always listen carefully to any information you’re given.

  1. 6.When you’re on set please do not talk. Make sure your cell phone is turned off completely.

  1. 7.Still or video photography on and off set is forbidden and is grounds for immediate dismissal.

  1. 8.Do not disturb the Actors. Do not request autographs or pictures.

  1. 9.Never look at the camera.

  1. 10.Once you’re on set, the Assistant Directors, or ADs, will give you your movement or blocking for a scene. You will be asked to repeat and match everything for different camera angles so it’s important that you remember exactly what you did and how you looked in each scene. This is called continuity. To help you remember you may want to make notes for yourself during your work day.

  1. 11.Most productions will rehearse the blocking of a scene several times prior to filming. When the Director is ready to shoot the following prompts will be heard:

  1. The 1st AD will call out "roll sound" to initiate sound recording.

  1. Next, the Sound department will call out "sound speed" to confirm that they are recording sound.

  1. After that, the Camera department will sync the film and sound using a time slate or clapper. They may also call out "frame" to confirm that they are filming.

  1. Then the 1st AD will call out "background action" to cue the Extras to begin their movement.

  1. Lastly, the Director will call out "action" to cue the Actors.

  1. 12.Once the scene is completed the Director will call "cut". It is very important that you continue the action you have been given until you have heard the director call "cut".

  1. 13.Once a shot is completed and the Director has called "cut" the ADs may ask you to go to your "first marks" or return to your "number ones". This means you must return to your beginning position and prepare to shoot the scene again.

  1. 14.Never leave set unless you are directed to do so by an AD. When you do leave set please go directly to Extras Holding and wait for your next instructions.

  1. 15.Never leave work until you’re told you are “wrapped” and you’ve signed out on your time sheet. Extras who fail to sign out may not be paid.

  1. 16.When you’re leaving please ensure you take all of your belongings home with you. Anything that is left at the end of the day is tagged as "lost and found" and sent to the production office. If you do forget something please send us an EMAIL and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that productions are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  1. 17.Light snacks and beverages are provided periodically during the work day. This is called craft service. Please note that there is often one craft service table for crew members and a separate table for Extras. Please do not eat from the crew’s craft service table.

  1. 18.A light lunch is provided. Never help yourself to lunch until you have been instructed to do so by the Extras Coordinator or the Assistant Director. If you have any special dietary needs you may want to bring your own meal. Please note that lunch is not served during the typical lunch hour but is generally served six hours after the crew has started working.

  1. 19.Report any injuries or illnesses immediately.

  1. 20.Arrive at work prepared for the current weather conditions. It’s always a good idea to bring an umbrella.

  1. 21.Waiting is a large part of an Extra’s job. Please feel free to bring a book or some other form of quiet entertainment with you. Sleeping at work is not allowed and is grounds for dismissal.

  1. 22.Keep your valuables with you at all times. Never bring large amounts of money or unnecessary items with you to work. Please note that productions are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

  1. 23.For your own records, make note of your call time, wrap time and pay rate each day that you work.

  1. 24.Always deposit your garbage in a trash can.

  1. 25.If you smoke please smoke in designated smoking areas only. When extinguishing your cigarettes please use the butt can provided by the Locations department.

  1. 26.Visit FILM TERMINOLOGY for the definitions of common words and phrases that you’ll hear while working on set.

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