Who is BCF Casting?

BCF Casting is owned by three of Vancouver’s leading Extras Casting Directors: ANDREA BROWN, SANDRA COULDWELL and JAMES FORSYTH.

Where are the BCF Casting offices?

We are located at North Shore Studios at 555 Brooksbank Avenue in North Vancouver, BC.

Can I stop by the BCF Casting offices to say hello?

Sorry, visits to our offices are by appointment only.

How can I contact the Extras Casting Directors?

Please send us an EMAIL and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Does BCF Casting cast speaking roles?

Generally we hire only Extras, Stand-ins, Photo Doubles and Special Ability Background Performers, but on some productions we may also cast smaller actor roles.

What kind of experience do I need to become an Extra?

None. You just have to be able to follow instructions, enjoy working with people and perform an honest day's work. To get a better idea of what the job entails please make sure you’ve read all of the information in the BCF CASTING EXTRAS GUIDE.

Do I need an Extras agent to work as an Extra?

No. Due to the costs involved a growing number of people prefer to work independently and handle their own scheduling and bookings as an Extra. Extras agents charge Extras 10 to 15 % of their earnings plus 5 % GST for their services. In addition they also charge a yearly fee to be on their rosters. Many Extras have found that Extras agent’s services, contacts and abilities do not justify the expense. BCF Casting will never charge any fees to Extras. The decision is up to each person.

How can I get work with other Extras Casting Directors if I don’t want to use an Extras agency?

You can create an account as an independent Extra on AGENCYCLICK. This is the database used by other Extras Casting Directors in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s a great way to find work opportunities on other productions.

If I have an Extras agent can I also work with BCF Casting?

Yes! At BCF Casting we believe that Extras should be able to find their employment opportunities from multiple sources, however they choose. As long as you honor your bookings there won’t be an issue.

I have an Extras agent and they’re telling me I can’t work with BCF Casting. What should I do?

You could start working as an independent Extra or find a new Extras agent. The whole point of having an Extras agent is to assist you in finding work - not to restrict you from getting jobs. Remember that you’re paying your Extras agent and they work for you, not the other way around. Contact a Film and Television Representative at UBCP anytime an Extras agent or anyone else, attempts to limit your work opportunities.

I worked as an independent Extra but my cheque went to my agent by mistake. Now my agent is trying to charge me commission but they had nothing to do with the booking. What should I do?

Unfortunately some dishonest agents are trying to take money that doesn’t belong to them. If this is happening to you please send us an EMAIL and contact a Film and Television Representative at UBCP for assistance. To avoid issues in the future, you should contact the payroll companies (CAST & CREW and ENTERTAINMENT PARTNERS) and ask that they set your default mailing address to your home address, not an Extras agency.

Why is the pay rate for non-union work higher through an Extras agency?

Extras agents charge productions a booking fee that is added on to each Extras basic pay rate. Once an Extras agent has collected their commission fee from a cheque, the non-union Extra is left with the exact same rate that they would receive with BCF Casting. Unfortunately Extras agents must then also charge Extras an additional 5 % GST for their services, which is an added cost to those individuals. As BCF Casting is not an Extras agency, we do not charge you GST and no fees or commissions will ever be required - you keep 100 % of the money you earn.

When I work what do I write on my time sheet? How do I get paid?

Each time you work please make sure your time sheet is always filled out completely with your legal name, full home mailing address including your city and postal code, and your valid Canadian Social Insurance Number. Please visit PAYROLL INFORMATION for all the details.

Do I have to fill out all of the information on my BCF Casting profile?

Your BCF Casting profile must contain your name, valid email address, contact numbers, sizes, birthdate, city and current photos. Profiles missing any of this information may be deleted without notice. We encourage everyone to complete the sections on Special Skills, Vehicles, Wardrobes, Props and Pets as the more we know about you will help us cast you in productions. Some Extra roles offer a higher rate of pay for special skills or a rental fee for vehicles and equipment, so it's in your best interest to make sure your profile is filled out completely and up to date.

How should I look in my photos?

Please dress appropriate for your look and age, and make sure your hair and makeup is done. The pictures you post will be seen by the Extras Casting Directors and may also be sent to Directors and Producers. Your profile allows you to post 12 different photos of yourself so please show us a range of your different looks and wardrobe such as your casual wear, business suits, upscale evening wear, athletic wear, work wear or any other wardrobe looks that you own. Please make sure that your photos are an honest and clear representation of how you currently look. Photos must be well lit against a neutral background and feature your head and shoulders. Do not wear hats or sunglasses in your photo and do not send photos that contain other people or pets. If you have long hair please wear it down. We often need hand doubles to match Actors so please post a photo featuring your hands and wrists - do not wear any jewelry or watches. Please note that professional photos are not required. Photos containing nudity will not be accepted.

I’m having problems uploading my photos onto my BCF Casting profile. What should I do?

Usually it’s because the photo you’re trying to upload is too big. Please resize your photo to a smaller size before uploading.

I’ve created a profile at BCF Casting. What happens next?

We will review your profile and contact you if you have the right look for one of our productions. Sometimes we may get in touch with you right away or you may not hear from us for months. It all depends on the requirements of our productions that are currently shooting and what types of people they need for their Extra roles. Please note that by creating a profile with BCF Casting you are not guaranteed employment. We will only contact you if we have something that may be right for you.

Do I need to keep my availability calendar up to date?

The best way to let us know you’re available for work is to update your calendar frequently. When we’re casting for a particular date we will often look at the Extras who have listed themselves as green and available first.  Please note that by marking yourself green you’re indicating that you’re available and able to accept a booking for that day. Please black out any dates that you’re definitely not available and if you do not know your availability, please leave your calendar blank - we’ll still call you if something comes up.

What does yellow or pending mean on my BCF Casting calendar?

That means one of the Extras Casting Directors is considering you for a booking. We will get in touch with you if it is a firm work offer.

How often should I expect to work?

The answer to this question differs with each person depending on your look, wardrobe and skill levels. It also depends on the needs of the productions currently shooting. For most people Extra work is a great opportunity to be involved part-time in the film and television industry but only some are able to work full-time as an Extra.

Why does it seem that some people are working more than I am?

It could be for many different reasons that we can’t even attempt to answer. If you’re not working as much as you’d like, we suggest that you update your profile with better photos of yourself and ensure that all of your information, as well as your availability calendar are up to date. If you still are not as successful as you would like, you may want to reconsider pursuing work as an Extra.

Why does BCF Casting occasionally contact me late at night and change my call time for the next day?

During the evening or night time hours it’s common for a production to change start times for the next day. This is based on the time that they finish shooting and the amount of turnaround required for the cast and crew. On occasion we will need to contact you late at night to give you the new information. We apologize for the inconvenience but it is a required part of the job. Please make sure that you keep your phone on and that you always check your messages and emails.

How do I know if I have been hired as a UBCP or non-union Extra?

If you are not a full member of The Union of BC Performers then you will be booked as a non-union Extra. If you would like to verify your pay rate please make sure you confirm this information as you are being booked. Never accept work without making sure you understand the details of your booking.

Why can’t I access my BCF Casting profile?

Your profile may have been put on hold if you cancelled on your booking or failed to report to work. If you’re still interested and available for work as an Extra please send us an EMAIL and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

I’m no longer available to work as an Extra. How do I delete my profile?

Please send us an EMAIL with your request and we’ll remove your profile from the database as soon as we can.

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