Before you accept a booking as an Extra please make sure you understand these requirements.

  1. 1.You must be able to legally work in Canada with a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number. If you are in Canada on a work permit, we will require a photo copy of your Social Insurance card and your work permit so we can verify that you are eligible for employment. Note that each time you work you must also bring photo copies of these two documents for each production.

  1. 2.Productions require that all Extras provide proof of residency documents on their first day of work. In order for you to accept a booking you must be able to supply these documents. Please read RESIDENCY DOCUMENTS for information.

  1. 3.When you’re booked to work on a film or television production for a day, you must be available to start as early as 6 or 7 in the morning and to keep the entire day and night clear of any other obligations. Productions may shoot 12 to 16 hours a day and you must be available for as long as you’re needed. Also, most productions shoot during the week Monday through Friday - very few productions shoot on Saturdays and Sundays. Do not accept a booking unless you are absolutely sure that you can commit to the entire day and into the night.

  1. 4.If you’re booked on a full night shoot you must be prepared to work all through the night and finish during the morning hours.

  1. 5.When you’re booked you will be given your preliminary location and wardrobe information.

  1. 6.If you don’t have access to a vehicle, do not accept a booking unless you’re absolutely sure that you’re able to arrange transportation to the shooting location by the estimated start time. Prior to accepting a booking please check public transit information at TRANSLINK or call them at 604-953-3333. Always have access to a map in case you get lost.

  1. 7.You will need to supply options of your own wardrobe to wear on camera. Please read DEPARTMENT REQUIREMENTS.

  1. 8.Once you accept a booking we ask that you fulfill your commitment. If there is an emergency that prevents you from working, please call us immediately. Please make sure you have our contact numbers with you at all times.

  1. 9.Call time information is the time you must report to work as well as your exact reporting location, your contact’s name, and your detailed wardrobe information. Call times are always distributed by email the evening prior to the day you’re scheduled to work. Always reply to your call time information email to confirm your receipt as soon as possible.

  1. 10.If you are driving to work, please note that non-union Extras are responsible for their own parking.

  1. 11.To find out what you can expect during your day on set as an Extra, please read WORKING ON SET.

  1. 12.In order to book anyone 17 years of age or younger, we require permission from a parent or legal guardian. Note that different work regulations apply to anyone 17 years of age or younger. Please read CHILDREN & TEENS for details.

  1. 13.Please read FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for additional information as well as tips for getting work!

  1. 14.Remember we’ll be booking you based on the way you look in your profile photos so please let us know if you’ve changed your appearance.

  1. 15.Just like any other job, always be on time for work!

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